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Palau, what you need to know

Located in the Western part of the Pacific Ocean, Palau is considered to form part of the constellation of Micronesia states. This state shares its borders with the states of PhilippinesIndonesia, and the Federated States of Micronesia.

 The capital city of this island nation is Ngerulund, whilst the most populated island in this state is Koror. The antecedents of this country go back to some three thousand years ago, when the country was first settled by groups of people from the Philippines. A lot has occurred in three thousand years of course up until the time that the country entered a Free Association status with the USA in the mid 90s. The world of Palau presented in figures looks something like this:

  • 680: this is the calling code of the country
  • 20,956: this is the total human population of this island nation
  • $ 164 Million: this is the total GDP of this state as per official 2012 estimates
  • 1994:  this is the year that this nation achieved the Free Association Status with the USA. Prior to this, the state was considered an associate state of the USA. This was due to a treaty of the UN which placed this state as a protectorate of America following its liberation from Japanese occupation after the Second World War.

Things to do while in Palau

Palau is considered to be an Island nation that is in dire strains financially. This is a place that is ideal to visit by those who want to give back to mankind in one way or another. For starters, you can volunteer to the number of NGO’s here who are involved in tackling the problem of sewage disposal.

You can also partner with the state and a number of NGO’s to tackle the problem of endemic poverty via a number of state private partnerships. Palau also happens to be a favorite hunting ground for Christian missionaries; you can always hitch a ride with one of these groups while in Palau. If you want to relax in Palau, you can simply go for deep sea diving and snorkeling. This service is offered by professional run firms.

Transport and Car hire in Palau.

The state has a de facto National Airline carrier: Palau Micronesia Air. This airline serves all the Micronesia states. There are a few tarmac roads in the Palau which connect 24 States. You can get around this by hiring a car from a number of cheap car rental firms in Palau. You need not worry about the possibilities of encountering a shortage in car rental firms. This is because the car rental business is rather vibrant thanks to the robust tourist industry.

Before getting an automobile from a car hire firm, you will be required to have insurance and demonstrate proof of having a way for maintaining the car rental. If you can sufficiently satisfy the car rental agency requirements, then you will be provided with a car rental in Palau

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